Our vision

With solid foundations in the past and with a view to the future, we work daily to maintain INTERCHIM S.A.. leading force in the field of marketing and distribution of liquid chemical raw materials. Investments in technological equipment, the high level of service of our customers and the utilization of the accumulated know-how are the main pillars on which we build the future of our company, which we always see through the prism of market needs and conditions that at any given time. are formed.

Our vision is the continuous development of our already high services in the supply of chemicals in the industry and in addition our consolidation in more specialized sectors as a reliable partner in the supply of raw materials, with the highest quality products, which meet the strictest criteria, as they come from the most reliable houses in the world. We are constantly trying to fully cover the range of products supplied by our customers, exploring the international market and concluding partnerships with leading suppliers of quality products, but also to expand our customer base in the Balkan countries, where we already operate in Bulgaria, Skopje. Albania and the Serbian market.

The environmental sensitivity and the contribution of INTERCHIM S.A. in ensuring the rules of protection are areas for which we express our pride and are committed to our continuous effort.