Our company

INTERCHIM S.A is established at Greece and its main activity is the production and the trading of chemical raw materials We specialize in trading chemical raw materials for all the sectors of industry and especially for the food industry since 1972.

Our experience and expertise are shown in the quality of our products and in our long-term investments in the storage and handling of chemical raw materials and especially for liquid chemicals.

Our facilities founded at the industrial zone of Thessaloniki , at the port of Thessaloniki and at the port of Avlis near to Athens. We have facilities for over of 20.000 tons storage capacity for liquid chemicals.

Our company has a privately owned fleet of twenty chemical tank trucks (with dedicated tanks per product to avoid contamination), which proudly ranks us among the leading liquid chemical raw material management companies in Greece. We can offer to our customers the best quality combined with the best price that the market can offer.

Our product list contains over of 200 chemicals . BS EN ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 45001:2018, BS EN ISO 14001:2015